Feet off the ground!

As a creative cocktail of artists we represent a fine selection of the best flavours the Amsterdam music scene has to offer. Whether it’s a world music festival that needs a touch of pop or a pop festival that needs some exotic spicing, the Amsterdam Artist Collective is the finishing touch. Each band has its own unique sound and could easily be a headliner for your event. Or simply book them together and be sure of a perfect line-up to get some feet off the ground.


What’s in a name? The Amsterdam Artist Collective is as straightforward as its name suggests: a rich collection of musicians who all have their roots in Amsterdam. Our mission is to connect our roster of bands to festivals, venues or any other place that needs some great live music. We believe in a do it yourself approach. That’s why we do our own bookings, our own management and our own promotion.

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Listen to our newest music. All songs are available for free(!) download at our Bandcamp site.

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